Almost a Fantasy

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Almost a Fantasy (Quasi una fantasia)

Almost a Fantasy (Quasi una fantasia)

original title:

Quasi una fantasia

directed by:


Muharrem Cobo, Teuta Ilia, Rmali Berberi








film run:





Ready (03/08/2020)

The story of 3 people, emigrated to Italy in 90s after the end of the Albanian Communist dictatorship and returned to live in their home country after a long journey started almost 30 years ago. In their lives we find the hopes, dreams and uncertainties of a country that has deeply changed since then.
Teuta and her husband left for Puglia in 1991, where they find work in a mattress factory and learn the job that will allow them to start their own company on their return to Tirana.
Rrem also left for Bari in the same year, later on he moved to northern Italy in Treviso where he met his future wife Concetta, an elementary school teacher. Many years later they decided to return to Albania, pushed by the pride for the rebirth of their country and with the idea to open an Italian school in Tirana.
Finally Romel, who also left for Italy, this time to the province of Pisa in Tuscany. A life divided between dreaming about becoming a professional footballer and the work in a construction company, now both replaced with a small fishing company in Durres and with the sea always in his life.