The Stories we will be

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The Stories we will be (Le storie che saremo)

The Stories we will be (Le storie che saremo)

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Le storie che saremo



Ginko Film, In collaboration 8mmezzo, Cinescatti Lab80, Home Movies - Archivio nazionale del film di famiglia, Paesaggi di famiglia, RI-PRESE, Superottimisti





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colour & b/w


Ready (03/08/2020)

Where to start, if not from our memory, to imagine the future after this global emergency? In the period of isolation caused by Covid-19, in which we have all witnessed hard and suspended times, seven authors try in their own way to question themselves about this fragile present. Looking at the past without nostalgia the authors reflect on what we have been denied and imagine the world as it will be, or “the stories we will be”. With the invitation not to create new images, but to work archive footage made available from the archives of the family films, they make explicit the potential of documentary cinema, close to the world but far from actuality.