Fra due battiti

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original title:

Fra due battiti

directed by:


set design:

Daniela Cappiello

costume design:

Francesca Novati





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"Between two beats" Giovanni lives in Trento in the villa he inherited by his dead parents. He spends his days wandering around the city in search of new situations as Marc, an unusual screenwriter, creates exciting fragments of life for him without his knowledge. The entire mechanism is managed by the whimsical butler who spends his days rewriting Schubert's music sheets. Giovanni's only real concern is to write a book about emotions in order to help Tommaso- who forgot his daughter in the car on a summer day, putting her life at risk- to appreciate life. Everything becomes complicated with the arrival of Rosa, the girl Giovanni falls in love with, therefore forgetting the book, who defuses the artifice of the whole staging. In this situation bordering on the paradoxical, comes Luca, a writer in existential crisis, who tries to materially write the book because Giovanni refuses to leave a real mark of himself. But once the mechanism is destroyed, Marc loses his job and Rosa discovers the on-going unreality of the situations in which Giovanni lives and decides not to see him anymore, which everyone does since the book does not progress. In great difficulty Giovanni finds an extravagant way to apparently arrange things. In a nonstop alternation between reality and fiction, things do not always look like what they really are.