Tattoo’s: ink in my skin

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Tattoo’s: ink in my skin

Tattoo’s: ink in my skin

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Tattoo’s: ink in my skin

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Ready (04/09/2019)

We will talk about a pictorial art that allows decoration of the human body; that of the tattoo is a tradition that we find ourselves far back in time. Through the testimonials of tattoo artists and tattooed subjects, we will tell the attributed value to the art of tattooing in the past, as it changed in over time and its cultural, anthropological value, magical-healing and aesthetic, up to the current dimension. It will be a journey from the origins to the present day, telling the various aspects of tattooing from those religious, therapeutic, noble, punitive, of the artisans, of the Camorra, crime and marginalization, hippies, up to those of the gods sailors. This is still an Italian tradition today largely unknown, which passes between the jerseys of the history, from north to south, through wars, professions, orders religious, love, vanity and power. You will discover the power of communication of ink on skin.