Barman & bartenders

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Barman & bartenders

Barman & bartenders

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Barman & bartenders

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Ready (04/09/2019)

In this documentary we will look at the figure of the barman, and how he prepares his cocktails, with the different types of ingredients, from the most common to the most sought after, taking care of the taste, presentation and experimenting new combinations, keeping up to date with the news of sector. To make the drinks, the barman needs to know the elements that form a cocktail and know how to mix them correctly. An important aspect of this profession is the stage presence: professional bartenders have the ability to make cocktails with extremely rapid and choreographic technical gestures; in particular, the spectacularization of the working technique of the barman, using glasses and bottles with acrobatic movements similar to those of jugglers, is known by the name of "flair bartending". This documentary brings to know the background to this fascinating profession; from view to taste, the bartender must know how to capture and satisfy the customer.