Too much family

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Too much family (Troppa famiglia)

Too much family (Troppa famiglia)

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Troppa famiglia

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Ready (10/06/2021)

In a small town in Abruzzo in February 2020, the COVID_19 emergency is only at the beginning, apparently limited to a single area of Italy.
Alfredo and Felicetta, both with a son (Filippo and Giacomo) they had in their first marriage, have been happily married for 30 years in a second marriage from which Maria Concetta was born.
They have a perfect extended family. Filippo and Giacomo live far away. Only Maria Concetta is still at home but close to marrying a wealthy local olive grower, Marcello. The couple, finally, is now able to realize their dreams by moving, taking advantage of retirement, to Portugal. They then decide to communicate their decision on the birthday of Alfredo and his grandson Andrea with the whole family gathered to celebrate. But the family harmony is only apparent and the three children, for different reasons, will work to boycott this project….