The Sound Designer

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The Sound Designer (Il disegnatore del suono)

The Sound Designer (Il disegnatore del suono)

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Il disegnatore del suono

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Alex is a young aspiring sound designer for the cinema. For a living he is forced to work occasionally as a soundman. Sandy, on the other hand, is a mature woman, a rock singer of a certain level, with a long experience. By chance or fate, Alex and Sandy's paths cross. From a banal business meeting a great love passion arises, which will lead the two protagonists to an artistic partnership. Just when Alex believes he has reached his sentimental peak, something jams, not only on a personal level, but also on a planetary level. The coronavirus epidemic, the international pandemic, changes scenarios. Thus begins an inner journey that will lead Alex to see reality simply for what it is. A very hard period, of hardships and great uncertainty, but also of surprises. After a phase of great difficulty Alex approaches a new self-awareness, and life will not delay in offering him new and much more important opportunities.