Due ma non due

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Due ma non due

Due ma non due

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Due ma non due

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Ready (29/09/2020)

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Due Ma Non Due is the story of people united by the commitment to give value to their lives, giving the best of themselves. The Volpe family raises podolic cows and, working tirelessly, they become warden of the practice of transhumance, not only as a historical heritage, but also as a way of life. Rodrigo is an artist who is looking for a wall to create a painting, with the purpose of reinforcing the identity of that place through tradition and shared symbols. Giovanni and Benedetta have built a ranch that is always full of young people and laughter, where the relationship with horses is built through respect and trust. Despite their commitments, they decide to train with their personal horses, Chanel and Princess, in order to become Parelli instructors without losing the necessary humility, to encourage their young students. Rodrigo, Benedetta, Giovanni, Maria and Nicola are united by the deep bond with their land and by the awareness that true freedom is not the absence of limitations, but the ability to never take a single step back.