Conversazioni con altre donne (first feature)

original title:

Conversazioni con altre donne

directed by:


Filippo Conz, remake of the film with the same title by Hans Canosa









Development/Pre-production (02/10/2020)

At a wedding reception in the Rome countryside, a man in his late thirties approaches a bridesmaid of about the same age and offers her a glass of prosecco. At first, the two seem to be playing a flirtatious game, as he cheerfully but confidently advances toward her, and she seems at once attracted and put off by his bravado. Witty small talk about such topics as the wedding party and their own past relationships gradually reveals that they are not strangers, but in fact were husband and wife. As time wears on, we learn that the Man and Woman had a tempestuous affair when they were in their late teens, and both are now committed to other people: she married a cardiologist, while he dates a young dancer. Despite both having significant others, the couple go upstairs to her hotel room together. However, their decision to sleep together is one which is clearly complex and fraught with emotional baggage for each of them.After being intimate, the two reminisce and reassess their feelings for each other. He appears to have ambiguous feelings about the direction of his life, while she seems more adjusted to her life choices. The emotional fulfilment the two experienced in their youth provokes them to reflect on their current lives in comparison to the choices and options they had while much younger. As she must catch a flight home to London in the morning, the two leave the hotel before dawn. As they return to their separate lives, each speculates with two casual people, a taxi driver and a wedding MC, on the future and the difficulty of being happy.