Nina of the Wolves

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Nina of the Wolves (Nina dei lupi)

Nina of the Wolves (Nina dei lupi)

original title:

Nina dei lupi

directed by:


Antonio Pisu, Pierpaolo De Mejo, Annapaola Fabbri, from the novel with the same title by Alessandro Bertante


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A sudden solar storm knocks out all electronic devices on the planet. On the same day, a newborn named Nina is found in the mountains, near a remote village. After this mysterious catastrophic event that everyone calls “the calamity”, civilization as we know it collapses, resources become scarce everywhere, and human beings revert to the law of the jungle. In the midst of this devastation, Nina’s village is sealed in its own world: its few inhabitants get by without technology, and Nina grows up. Her close bond with nature, which she can barely understand herself, earns her a reputation as a witch, thanks to the odd phenomena that occur in her presence. Yet when a gang of bandits raids the village, decimating the population and subjugating the survivors, Nina, now a teenager, manages to flee into the woods, where she learns how to survive in the mountains and coexist with the wolves, becoming fully aware of her own powers.