Come prima

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Come prima

Come prima

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Come prima

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Tommy Weber, Filippo Bologna, Luca Renucci, from the graphic novel with the same title by Alfred


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Dieppe. Summer 1957.
After being defeated in an amateur boxing match, Fabio finds himself facing André, his younger brother. They haven't seen each other for 17 years, since Fabio left his family's home in Procida in Italy to fight alongside Mussolini's black shirts. The father just died. And, by his last will, André came to look for his brother so that he could attend his funeral, which will be held on his native island. After initially refusing, the circumstances and the coveted legacy finally push Fabio to accompany André. The journey will be long. The two brothers have difficulty communicating, the malaise of the years and the secrets not addressed lead to silence. André did not tell the whole truth to Fabio, and Fabio is mysterious about the years during which he was a wanderer.
During this long journey, the two brothers will question each other about the meaning of the homecoming. The French countryside, the Alps, the Italian border, Naples and then Procida will be the stages of their reconciliation.
This journey through two countries traumatized by war, and that same war that separated Fabio and André, will offer the two brothers the opportunity to get closer. Their stories will bring to light deep wounds that they will try to heal.
Despite the revelations, conflicts and grudges, the two brothers will be able to reconcile, find each other and overcome the pain of the past.