North west sunset border (second feature)

original title:

Tramonto a nord ovest

directed by:


Giuseppe Saccotelli, Margherita Fantini, Marco Rezoagli, Chaimae Sellak, Leonardo Nigro, Mohamed Bakkal El Idrissi, Gianni Bissaca, Francesca Vettori, Marianella Bargilli, Roberta Lena, Stefano Dell'Accio, Viktorie Ignoto, Cristina Renda, Massimiliano Zampetti, Mileti Udabotti, Gianluca Gambino, Giovanna Rossi, Zeno Verdecchi, Alexandra Camposampiero


set design:

costume design:


William Fanni, Enrico Manfredini


Fargo Entertainment, Swiss E-Motion, supported by Ministero della Cultura, RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera, with the support of Region Sud - Provence - Alpes et Cote d’Azur, Ufficio federale della cultura UFC, Film Commission Torino Piemonte





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Luca (Giuseppe Saccotelli), a young man in his twenties, tired of his life so far and confused by the unexpected hypothesis of paternity, decides to go away and join his friend Paul (Marco Rezoagli), shepherd and astronomer, left for a Swiss mountain pasture with his flock of goats, to look at the stars together.
Margherita (Margherita Fantini), his girlfriend, is left alone in the city to face another journey, an evolution from young girl to woman, who wants and must choose her future.
While Luca walks through the woods in search of Paolo, he discovers a series of micro-worlds and people who for different reasons have emigrated, are emigrating or simply migrate to a different dimension from themselves.
The borderland and the search for borders (to protect themselves from the world that is too big), push people to segregate themselves in protected places, with the boundless soul of those who dream of infinite worlds.
The indirect protagonist, a golden trout, which moves the protagonist's action, pushes him towards the return to normality.
The story is surrounded by two refugees whom Luca meets by chance on the mountain paths, Naila (Chaimae Sellak) and Yuseff (Mohamed Bakkal El Idrissi) and the family of Bacci
(Leonardo Nigro), who lives in a hut stopped in time near the border.