Stupid, Naive & Lucky

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Stupid, Naive & Lucky

Stupid, Naive & Lucky

original title:

Stupid, Naive & Lucky

directed by:


Giulio Tonincelli, Zaher Taleb, Khaled Saraj and Wael Saraj


Italy / Germany



film run:





Ready (26/10/2020)

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What happens if an intense event changes the way you look at your life, priorities and dreams? How does it feel to know a truth of such an earth-shattering quality that you are not even able to tell it? How long does it take to accept the fact that knowing a reality, even if brutally negative, does not allow you to change it? Giulio Tonincelli is a 35-year-old independent filmmaker who, in April 2013, visits the Turkish-Syrian border to document the work of an Italian NGO. In the hospital of Kilis (Turkey) he meets Zaher, a Syrian English teacher. Zaher offers Giulio to join him and two of his friends on a 24-hour trip to Aleppo understand from within the difficult situation that the city is facing. Driven by the desire to discover that reality with his own unprepared eyes and expecting to be able to relate it to the world afterwards Giulio develops a naive kind of courage and accepts the offer. The film, edited and finished 7 years after it was shot, introduces a layer of retrospection that allows Giulio to present a mature and rational confession of what he experienced: It is the story of a naive boy overwhelmed by emotions that he wasn’t able to process, seduced by the presumption of being able to change things with his very own actions.