The Moment of Transition

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The Moment of Transition (Il momento di passaggio)

The Moment of Transition (Il momento di passaggio)

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Il momento di passaggio

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La Sarraz Pictures, Rai Cinema, supported by Ministero della Cultura, with the support of Regione Campania, Piemonte Doc Film Fund, Film Commission Regione Campania, Film Commission Torino Piemonte





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Ready (19/10/2021)

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Until she was 16, filmmaker Chiara Marotta lived in a Christian community where everything revolved around prayer and reflection. Life was bound by regularity and rules that kept contact with the outside world to a minimum. The rebellious Marotta couldn’t stand it, but when she left, her grandmother, mother, and sister stayed behind.
Just before the community is about to move to a complex outside the city, Marotta returns to start a conversation. The cinematic account of this confrontation is frank and direct. Shots of the sedate existence indoors are juxtaposed with animations in which cars drive away and churches go up in flames. These reflect the filmmaker’s anger and frustration; her direct questions receive only bland answers which reveal that her family members care more about their God than about her. Does the community’s move also herald a final goodbye to her family?

I return home to find my grandmother, my mother and my sister, and to observe everyday life, gestures and habits, mirroring ideals and values, in search of a new understanding of our different choices.