Fort Apache

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Fort Apache

Fort Apache

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Fort Apache


Alessandro Bernardini, Christian Cavorso, Chiara Cavalieri, Matteo Cateni, Viola Centi, Valentina Esposito, Alessandro Forcinelli, Gabriella Indolfi, Romolo Napolitano, Piero Piccinin, Giancarlo Porcacchia, Fabio Rizzuto, Edoardo Timmi, Cristina Vagnoli, Marcello Fonte






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Ready (28/10/2020)

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This documentary follows the Fort Apache Theatre Company through one year of intense work.The actors of Fort Apache have participated to the theatre workshops that were held at Rebibbia (the primary jail in Rome)and are now able to pursue their new passion for acting even out side of prison.
Now, after many years of hardwork and dedication, these ex-convicts are part of the Fort Apache “family” under the lead of Valentina Esposito, who is the founder of the company as well as the screen writer and director of all the plays.
Valentina takes inspiration from the ex-convictsʼ difficult lives and unresolved relationships and turns them in to a screenplay that every actor can identify with and take as a cue to better understand their traumas. Their new theater play “Famiglia” (Family) takes shape from theactorsʼpast, their broken souls, tattooed bodies and violent language, but at the same time itʼs a very poetic text.
The unexpected success of Marcello Fonte after his role in the movie Dogman and his victory of the best actorʼs PalmedʼOr at the Cannes Film Festival, have brought the mediasʼattention to Fort Apache.
Marcello is a permanent member of Fort Apache. Italian director Matteo Garrone saw him perform on a play written and staged by Valentina and chose him for the main role of his movie Dogman. Marcello embodies the great “second chance at life” that Fort Apache gives to its actors.