The Giants

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The Giants (I giganti)

The Giants (I giganti)

The Giants (I giganti)

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I giganti

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A reunion among old Friends. A remote house in a forgotten Valley. Many Memories, bullets, and lots of drugs. This movie is a merciless portrait of toxic masculinity in all its forms.
The Giants is a movie born from different situations and feelings releted to the sad and catastrofic time that we all are facing with extreme afflictions. It's a story full of anger, pain, sweetness, fragility, passion, irony, cynicism and violence. A violence sometimes hiden, blurred, sometimes noticeable, clear, sneaky and premeditated.
The violence, in the acts, thoughts and words, in the looks and in the words is the invisible fuel of the characters and their actions, through the portrait of a selfdestructive world, the main behavior of humankind. The idea of the movie came from the needs to show the fragility of human relationships and to show their imbalance, trying through the medium of cinema to enlighten its darker, nostalgic, sinister and melancholic sides. I like to define this story as if it were a philosophical work written by a lout, who in the embarrassment of a self-destructive bheavior, with the desire to destroy Italian masculinity, despising it and showing it in all its squalor and weakness, decides to kill it for good.
Time has passed relentlessly, and our characters are left with nothing but the void and the nostalgia of the youth that will never come back, even if they are living an age where they are not old yet.
This movie is an attack to masculinity in all its forms, an attempt to show it in a stinky frailty.
The Giants is a lost dream, a dream of forgotten cinema, that with all my soul i tried to bring back to life on the screen. And even if my words sounds pessimistic - and they are – my greatest love, the Cinema, it showed up to save me. It gave me the strength to smile, to rejoice and the awareness that the word “ The End “ cannot be written, even if we are knocked down and we think that we can not stand anymore. And thus an airy, deep, wise, heartfelt, sweet, and yes cruel story was born. But what is life? Its a great adventure with thousand faces, where you cannot avoid feeling every emotion, positive or negative, and sometimes neither, floating in the doubt of existence. And it gives me hope knowing that despite everything, if you search enough, you can always find something good, you will always find a dream to make come true. And even, on the darkness of these times, you can try one last throw of the dice, to come back stronger and truly free.