Fulci talks

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Fulci talks (Fulci talks - Conversazione uncut con Lucio Fulci)

Fulci talks (Fulci talks - Conversazione uncut con Lucio Fulci)

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Fulci talks - Conversazione uncut con Lucio Fulci






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Fulci talks uncut conversation with Lucio Fulci by Antonietta De Lillo is a ride through the cinema of the 'gorefather' Lucio Fulci, nicknamed also 'the genre terrorist', a director that went from the comedies to the thrillers, from the spaghetti western to the horror movies. It is a 'journey' through the Italian and the international movies he made, he knew, loved and, occasionally, he criticized too with a well-owned sense of humor and a smart mouth. Antonietta De Lillo, after 30 years from an in-dept interview she did with Fulci, done with the film critic Marcello Garofalo, brings to light this rare and precious shooting and creates the unexpected portrait of a great and refined 'craftman of cinema', at a time just as the critics finally recognize the status of cult movies for his films, which have become landmarks for an entire generation of directors and cinema goers