Fellini – I am a Clown

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Fellini – I am a Clown (Fellini – Io sono un Clown)

Fellini – I am a Clown (Fellini – Io sono un Clown)

original title:

Fellini – Io sono un Clown

directed by:


Peter Goldfarb









Ready (03/12/2020)

At the heart of Fellini's I am a Clown is the strange and wonderful story of Peter Goldfarb, the very young American producer who in 1967 convinced Federico Fellini, the greatest Italian director, to work for the first time for American television. A story that has remained little known for half a century and which today - for the first time - brings the man who convinced Fellini to make a sort of mockumentary Federico Fellini’s Notebook, perhaps the first in the history of Italian cinema , using a scheme that the great author born in Rimini would have later reused with other films such as Intervista, Prova d'Orchestra and Roma.
A human and artistic journey that would then be repeated immediately after with The Clowns, destined to make Fellini a forerunner of modern television.
The film is structured in a sort of ideal dialogue between Goldfarb and Fellini that appears both with original materials from the American film, and through the interpretation of Neri Marcorè who gives voice to a series of original texts: letters, thoughts, interviews and dreams by Federico Fellini linked to his television and autobiographical imagery. Visually the film puts together unseen photographs and new takes and footage from Fellini’s films restored in 4K.