The Den (first feature)

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The Den (La tana)

original title:

La tana

directed by:


set design:

Raffaele Lucci

costume design:

Ginevra Angiuli


Valentino Orciuolo


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In the summer of his nineteenth year, Giulio has decided not to go away: he will spend his vacation at home, helping his parents with their work in the vegetable garden. In the house next door, empty for some time, arrives Lia, a twenty-year-old girl. Giulio would like to get to know her, but she is sullen and introverted. One day Giulio is swimming in the lake and Lia plays at drowning him. Giulio is a regular guy, sensitive and polite to a fault. Attracted to her, he starts thinking about her day and night. Lia initiates him into strange and increasingly dangerous “games.” The girl won’t talk about herself though. She has told him she came alone to spend her vacation in the old family home, where she hadn’t been since she was a child. But Lia has secrets to keep and won’t let anyone set foot in the old and abandoned house.

When I first thought about the film, I had in mind the image of a house in the country, a safe haven in which to take refuge. In that delightful place, Giulio and Lia play with their bodies, exploring the fragile boundaries that separate love, death and violence and trying to find their way through the unknown. Each gives the other what they can. This meeting leads them to confront their fears and to grow. Pain is the mysterious force that unites them. La Tana, the den, is not a concrete and real place, but the space where we go to hide when we do not feel well. And where we hope someone will come and look for us.