My favorite things

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My favorite things

My favorite things

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My favorite things

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Simone D’Acuti, Gabriele Spampinato, Benedetta Reda, Livia Massimi, Alessia Di Fusco, Davide Di Meglio, Emanuela Luongo, Orietta Ciaffei, Mario Battisti, Michele Scifo,, Francesca Nobili, Ettore Belmondo, Alberto Mazzaro, Luigi Martini, Agnese Brighittini, Francesco Cammarata, Daniela Vinciguerra, Tiziano Ferracci



Controluce, La Voce in Maschera, Iustumó, The ZoomRoom





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Ready (30/11/2020)

Italy, red zone, announced in lockdown on March 8, 2020: almost 2 million Italians have started working from home due to the emergency related to the spread of coronavirus. Prose theatres, live stadiums, cinemas, opera houses, festivals, academies, music schools, are currently blocked. All those professional figures, who are an integral part of it, are therefore firm. Together they form an army of 290 thousand workers who today no longer see a future: the effort and commitment that awaits them, will be to stand more than others, not to become "Invisible", within this continuous economic and social instability. Italians, artists and non-artists, are forced to adapt and standardize their habits, staying at home. Shopping, wearing a mask, being able to go out only in your own garden or on your terrace, interact with virtual means, becomes a common place for everyone and an opportunity to experience their favorite things. Art helps to mark the days, the lockdown seems to narrow the gap between its professional and "popular" use, but digging deeper into the private life of the characters, everything is unusual, extraordinary out of the common.