The Grand Bolero (first feature)

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The Grand Bolero

original title:

The Grand Bolero

directed by:


Lidia Vitale, Ludovica Mancini, Marcello Mariani, Filippo Prandi


Jessica La Malfa

set design:

Serena Viganò


Martino Lurani Cernuschi, Sean Goldman


Gabriele Fabbro, Fulvio Biavaschi






film run:




release date:


festivals & awards:

  • Cinequest Film & VR Festival 2022: Official Selection
  • Los Angeles - Italia 2022: Look At...
  • Phoenix Film Festival 2022: World Cinema - Best World Cinema Director
  • Linea d'Ombra 2021: Concorso Passaggi d'Europa - Open Jury Award
  • RIFF - Roma Independent Film Festival 2021: Feature Film Competiton
  • St. Louis International Film Festival 2021: Narrative
  • Austin Film Festival 2021: Competition
  • Arpa International Film Festival 2021: Best Feature Narrative Film
  • Festival del Cinema di Salerno 2021
  • Las Cruces International Film Festival 2022
  • Fargo Film Festival 2022
  • Poppy Jasper International Film Festival 2022: Best LGBTQ+ Feature
  • Pendance Film Festival 2022
  • Columbus International Film and Animation Festival 2022
  • Merced Queer Film Festival 2022: Nominations for Best Overall International Feature Film, Best Feature Film Drama, Best Female Identifying Performer in International Feature (Lidia Vitale, Ludovica Mancini), Best Director
  • Social World Film Festiva 2022: Miglior Regia, Miglior Attrice (Lidia Vitale), Miglior Colonna Sonora, Miglior Fotografia
  • Beverly Hills Film Festival: Best Direction, Best Cinematography
  • Ischia Global Film Festival 2022
  • Ferrara Film Festival 2022: Miglior film d’autore, Miglior attrice (Lidia Vitale)
  • Burbank International Film Festival 2022: Nominations for Best international Feature, Tim Burton’s “Native Burbank” Visionary Award, Best Film Score in a feature film
  • Catalina Film Festival 2022
  • Sonoma International Film Festival 2022: Summerfest program
  • San Antonio Film Festival 2022

During the covid-19 lockdown in Italy, Roxanne, a cynical mid aged pipe organ cleaner struggles to control her impulsive attraction to her new 20 years old mute assistant.