All for Uma (first feature)

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All for Uma (Tutti per Uma)

All for Uma (Tutti per Uma)

What can happen when a woman comes to disrupt the shaky balance of an all-male household? Six men: Granpa Attila, Ezio, Dante, Francesco, Emanuele, and Mimmo the dog live under the same roof trying to bring the family business back to life. Once a nationwide famous winery, the company is now in debt, threatened by the bank. But the endless arguments and mutual intolerance have to be put aside when Uma joins the group, and everyone tries their best to put up a facade. Despite their efforts, it doesn't take long for Uma to unveil the truth about Attilio's debts, Dante and Ezio's failures, and young Francesco's yearning for acceptance. To everyone's surprise, rather than breaking away from such a madhouse, Uma decides to help, starting a therapy-like process that will force them to actually give their very best. But Uma is hiding a secret...