Rift in the Ice (second feature)

original title:

Pukotina u ledu

italian title:

Una crepa nel ghiaccio

directed by:



Vladimir Simic

set design:

Marija Jocic

costume design:

Ivana Majstorovic









In post-production (11/02/2022)

Marija is an ice skater who lives with her father, a lorry driver, on the outskirts of Belgrade. Crushed by grief because her mother died three years ago, Marija cannot express her flaming sexuality without feeling unworthy. When Marija’s father gets close to a woman and moves in with her two daughters, Marija supports him but realizes that she cannot trust her new stepmother.
Due to financial troubles, Marija is forced to make extra money for her family. She wants to protect her father by hiding her job that introduces her to a world in which women are sexually exploited, and that puts even more pressure on her suppressed sexuality. She can no longer confide in her father. Her stepmother starts having anger outbursts that escalate into physical abuse, and Marija has to give up ice skating. She feels trapped.
The love of one of the most desirable young businessmen will give her the strength to accept herself and her sexuality.

Rift in the Ice addresses the issue of women’s integrity in a materialistic world filled with aggression, exaggerated ambition and competitiveness. Focused on the emotions of the main character, the film follows her intimate journey of self-acceptance outlining the scope of degradation and exploitation of women through various social ranks. The film will be authentic and raw with the intent to capture real life with no moralising or judging.
I am submerging narrative motives of fairytales in a contemporary story to explore how their humanistic ideas function today. The poetic, cruel scenes of the main character’s subconscious showing her deepest fears and her suppressed sexuality will add a dark fairytale feeling. In a clash with the authenticity of the rest of the film, it will bring a profound insight into the protagonist and a new sense of reality.
The film, above all, explores love in a harsh environment and shows its power to help us discover and accept ourselves.