La divina cometa (second feature)

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La divina cometa

La divina cometa

original title:

La divina cometa

directed by:


Mimmo Paladino, Maurizio Braucci, from Dante's "Divine Comedy"


set design:

Luigi Ferrigno

costume design:





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A train is carrying an actor and a homeless family to their destination. The journey is not only the search for a home, but also for a performance: the actor assumes the role of a Dante whom no one will guide through Inferno, while the family wanders around in search of their promised home. A numerologist tries to find a meaning in all of this, to tell the story of the journey through the circles of hell and the grottoes of the crib. Will they be able to see the stars once again?

I’ve always believed that a film cannot substitute a painting – they don’t share a common ground, they are simply two different things. At the same time, however, if you look through the camera lens, into the rectangular frame, you can imagine that you are looking at a canvas.
Not only that - what matters is not only the direction and filming, as it is not the only creative moment. A lot happens during the editing process, or the composition of the music. It is a form that slowly comes to life. In many ways, filmmaking can be compared to sculpture. When you model a shape in clay, you have only just begun. Even the waiting, the technical times, of a film and a sculpture are similar.