Ascoltati (first feature)

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Lorenzo Boesso, Martina Sacchetti, Sara Righi, Il Rapsodico, Ettore Pancaldi, Marialuisa Ravenda, Pasquale Faraco, Patrizia Strazzari, Paolo Schena, Andrea Baldazzi, Giovanni Mazza, Dragan Miladinovic, Aldo Jani, Wiliam Piana, Stella Silvestro, Fabio Pulcini




I Berlino, Daniele Faraotti, Paolo Schena, Maddrivingacar Ndrdj





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2K/DCP - colour

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festivals & awards:

  • Rieti e Sabina Film Festival 2020: Concorso Lungometraggi
  • Ravenna Nightmare Film Festival 2020: Showcase Emilia-Romagna
  • AltFF Alternative Film Festival 2020: Official Selection - Best Actress (Martina Sacchetti)
  • Dumbo Film Festival 2020: Official Selection
  • Festival Internazionale del Cinema Povero 2020: Film Italiani
  • Films Infest Mallorca - Festival de Cine de Autor de Mallorca 2020: Largometrajes de Ficcion Nacional y Internacional
  • Little Rock Italian Film Festival 2020: Competition Feature Films
  • Oniros Film Awards 2020: Official Selection - Premio Migliore Colonna Sonora

Andrea, depressed forty, has just received a bad news, his mother died, he loved her, but never had the courage to speak with her, now he want go back, thank to friend Leonardo, Andrea begins to listen to himself and looking for Francesca, his mother. He self-built an antenna capable of picking up signals, his adventure begins in the streets of Bologna (Italy), a profound search for the right frequency. Ascoltati is a comedy that wants to deal with the issues of human relationships, wants to play with people's destiny and fragility, friendship and pain mix together, but, in this time emotions are the winner. Look closely at the love between two people who never spoke to each other, The world seen by those who, like many others, have lost someone, The relationship between fathers and children raised in different families, but with the same problems. The film is shot on modern time in Bologna, which is experiencing its greatest change, thus beginning to go against hand through crisis and globalization. Andrea, the protagonist, depressed and of few words, shaken by his destiny, begins a journey that will cross the city, a profound search for himself, of the right frequency. The Character has a great regret, that of never having confided in his mother, he loved her very much, but he never had the courage to speak to him in the eyes, now he would like to go back. On his way he meets other protagonists, who will go through some of the most complicated changes in their life, trying never to lose their poetic gaze, which makes them so special, also because it takes courage to feel the pain. A dialogue begins with Leonardo, his childhood friend, a psychologist, questions and answers will allow Andrea not to be held back by fear and custom, but to find the courage to resolve by recreating himself.