Cercando Elisa – Il delitto Claps

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Cercando Elisa – Il delitto Claps

Cercando Elisa – Il delitto Claps

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Cercando Elisa – Il delitto Claps

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Ready (25/01/2021)

On September 12th 1993 Elisa Claps, a sixteen year old student from Potenza, disappeared without a trace. For 17 long years her brother Gildo chased the truth about that dramatic day until he discovered, on March 17th 2010, that Elisa had been killed and abandoned in the attic of the Santissima Trinità church, in Potenza.
"Cercando Elisa - Il delitto Claps" is a documentary that pieces back together one of the most enigmatic cases in Italian judicial history. Thanks to unpublished testimonies, original police videos and exclusive judicial documents, light will be shed on the crime that was committed on the very same day of Elisa's disappearance by an Italian young man, also from Potenza. Danilo Restivo, this is his name, has meanwhile been involved in the killing of Heather Barnett too, a murder which took place in Great Britain in 2002.