The Dream and the Violence

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The Dream and the Violence (Se fate i bravi)

The Dream and the Violence (Se fate i bravi)

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Se fate i bravi


Evandro Fornasier, Alessandra Ballerini, Alfonso Sabella, Gianfranco Bettin (Douglas Rushkoff)




Italy / Belgium



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Evandro Fornasier was in Genoa. Almost by chance, but certainly not by chance. He heard that call, which was the one of a generation, his generation. He crossed those squares. He ended up in Bolzaneto. He came out of Bolzaneto, but perhaps one can never leave Bolzaneto.
Before Genoa, he worked as a cashier at the bank… After Genoa, he became a psychotherapist.
Twenty years later, is the right time to start the journey, to meet people, known or unknown, who had a public role at the time or who simply underwent it, to ask others and oneself questions that yet have to been answered.
Evandro's research, his dialogues – which are not interviews but meetings – are focused on his biography and around the central knot of Genoa 2001, the tension between the dream acted in the squares and the violence that responded. The violence of piazza Carlo Giuliani, of Diaz, of Bolzaneto, of the Alessandria prison that hit the bodies first and then crushed the story, in an exhausting and mystifying dialectic between the criminalization of the movement and the defensive counter-narrative. And the violence of 52 days later, when on 11 September 2001 the idea that the world inhabitants could take its fate in their hands seemed ended forever.
The dream and the violence together are a knot that goes beyond Genoa 2001 and talking about it twenty years later is an attempt to get into the heart of this contradiction. Without forgetting the facts, without hiding the imbalance of power, Evandro's journey will seek the violent dimension of the dreamers and the dreamy and desiring dimension of the violent. He will face the excess of when the order of things becomes, perhaps for its inner necessity, disorder; that is when the monopoly of using force becomes illegitimate, and the boundary between force and violence becomes blurred. He will face the excess of the dream, of how real can become the projection of desire on reality.