Vi Vi la filosofia del sorriso

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Vi Vi la filosofia del sorriso

Vi Vi la filosofia del sorriso

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Vi Vi la filosofia del sorriso

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Pippo Pelo, Vincenzo Falcone, Rosario Fiorello, Angelo Pintus, Peppe Quintale, Dario Bandiera, Enzo Oliveri, Alessandro Montuori, Emilio Lauria, Susanna Maurandi, Gerry Tellini, Marco Spoto, Susanna Maurandi, Andrea Muratori, Mario Luciani, Stefano De Sando, Ciro Limatola, Max Roggero, Marco Vannucci, Giorgia Aluzzi Cristiano Perissi, Corrado Rizza, Roberto Pagliara, Gian Maria Schiavetti, Elisabetta Reggio ( Tata), Alessio Bellizia, Elena Cavallo, Sonia Peronaci, Maria Debellini, Gimi Ventimiglia, Stefano Pavone, Vincenzo D’Andretta, Raffo, Gianni Drudi, Andrea Muratori, Alessandra Casciati, Anna Casaburi,Alfredo Manuel Lambiase, Non solo Gospel




Pragma, in association with Valtur





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This documentary film will bring you to a journey into the world of holiday resorts with a focus on the holiday entertainer figure. This is a job taking place inside tourist village resorts, a format created by Gèrard Blitz and implemented by Gilbert Trigano (Founder of Club Mediterranée).
The main features of this new figure were: Love for their job, enthusiasm, communicational skills, energy, tenacity, and above all: Smile philosophy.
A Journey through the experiences of known and less-known faces, to show that the holiday entertainer’s values can be exported in any work project and are fundamental for any successful adventure.
We tell you about 50 years of Italian Holidays.