The right to happiness (second feature)

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The right to happiness (Il diritto alla felicità)

original title:

Il diritto alla felicità


set design:

Clara Surro

costume design:

Vittorio Gargiuolo



Imago Film, Associazione Culturale Imago

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film run:




release date:


festivals & awards:

  • Under The Stars Film Festival 2021: De Niro - Best Film, Best Leading Actor (Remo Girone)
  • Sezze Film Festival 2021: Best Film
  • Castellabbate International Film Festival 2021: Best Film
  • Ventotene International Film Festival 2021: Best Film
  • San Benedetto Film Festival 2021: Best Film
  • Premio Troisi 2021: Best Director
  • Paladino D'Oro 2021
  • International Tour Film Festival 2021: Best Director, Production Award
  • Delphi International Film Festival 2021: Apollo Award for Best Film
  • Athene International Art Film Festival 2021: Honorable Award
  • Ciak Film Festival 2021: Best Screenplay, Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Pino Calabrese)

“Il diritto alla felicità” is the poignant and sweet story of a friendship between different generations, nationalities and life experiences.
Libero is a passionate second-hand bookseller while Essien is an immigrant young boy who’s been living in Italy for a while now. Their friendship runs along the lines of books, that is, those that Libero lends to Essien. Their complicity grows according to the emotions that such books give back to both of them.
Essien meets the West through literature, Libero gives true meaning to his name, “Free”, by making Essien a free man.
Life, with all its rules, will ultimately bring about a melancholy end, but nothing is lost where there’s complicity and love.