But you... do you love me...? (first feature)

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But you... do you love me...? (Ma tu, mi vuoi bene...?)

But you... do you love me...? (Ma tu, mi vuoi bene...?)

original title:

Ma tu, mi vuoi bene...?

directed by:


Maurizio Sala


Maurizio Sala

set design:








Shooting (01/02/2020)

Lorenzo, a young man in his forties, finds himself in front of the coffin of his mother, who died suddenly, reflecting on life, his own and that of anyone else who is suddenly involved, without knowing how, in a problem, a real problem, of those for whom a solution does not exist (« We may not realize it, but for everything that is not a“ problem ”, there is always a solution» ).
"But you, do you love me?": That sentence, pronounced by his mother just before greeting him for the last time, comes to mind continuously.
From that moment a sort of introspective journey begins, trying to answer the thousand doubts about himself, about his ability to love and to show it to others.