Raphael. The Young Prodigy

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Raphael. The Young Prodigy (Raffaello. Il giovane prodigio)

original title:

Raffaello. Il giovane prodigio

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Vincenzo Farinella, Lorenza Mochi Onori, Giuliano Pisani, Tom Henry






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This documentary explores the story of the artist from Urbino, starting with his extraordinary female portraits: mother, lover, client, goddess, figures that all played a role in Raphael’s life, making it possible for the painter’s story to be told from a new perspective, and for his continuous search for absolute beauty to be examined. It places particular emphasis on the artistic transformation of the painter and his ability to make his art evolve continuously without ever repeating himself. The documentary also makes use of special graphic animation by award-winning illustrator Giordano Poloni that, by using evocative and dreamlike language, gives shape to the key moments in Raphael’s life where myth, legend and reality continuously intermingle. Thanks to contributions from internationally renowned experts, this documentary film will also enable us to discover the most significant cities and places in the life and times of one of the Renaissance master.