Il Fighter d'Italia Giancarlo Garbelli

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Il Fighter d'Italia Giancarlo Garbelli

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Il Fighter d'Italia Giancarlo Garbelli

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Giancarlo Garbelli, Gianna Garbelli, Carmen Basilio, Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto “manos de piedra” Duran, Evander “real deal” Holyfield, Mike “iron” Tyson








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Ready (01/03/2021)

DOCU-FILM Imbued with truth and epic fights, my father wraps and unwraps his beautiful big hands, thick and dense, we speak of boxing, we talk about us. The gauze rolls out dirty with blood and sweat, it’s the human and sporting life of Giancarlo Garbelli. Boxing champions are born, with his talent he has carved the history of the boxing world. His reflections touch in depth, give meaning to sacrifice, combat the human pettiness in each of us. Giancarlo Garbelli was the warrior philosopher of pain ... and I Gianna who grew up with these stories, I’ve known since childhood their smells, their emotions, and even their poetry.

Since adolescence, I thought I was the daughter of a crazy man. Then I found out that boxing champions are not ordinary men… No. I am convinced that only those who have a good dose of madness can get into a ring and put their skills on the line, in the meantime that challenges life.
In directing and carrying out the editing, I put all that filial love that digs into a meticulous work, of research, to reveal to you with competence, in 144 ' or more episodes, -IL FIGHTER D’ITALIA GIANCARLO GARBELLI - with all the exceptional weight of the philosophical soul of the protagonist.
And the story that Garbelli went through, the '900 ‘till 2013, our great champion with the intensity of his thought and his histrionic charm, here along with music:; and with my transgressive love, that one I’ve inherited for the Noble Art, Boxing. Never politically correct ...