Lovely Boy (second feature)

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Lovely Boy

Lovely Boy

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Lovely Boy

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Paco Martinelli





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Nic, alias Lovely Boy, is a rising star on Rome's trap scene. With his tattooed face and his sheer talent, he's half of a trap duo the other half being his friend Borneo la XXG destined for fame. The two boys come from well-off Roman families, but the city they have elected to live in is brutal and broken, full of desperate souls. Sucked into a spiral of self-destruction, Nic tries to come to terms with the life he leads, but only after getting far away from all the commotion. He struggles to find who he once was in an old hotel in the Dolomites that now caters to people like him: drug addicts. And just when he thinks he's lost what he holds dearest, he realizes that he has finally reached adulthood.

The film makes no attempt to pass judgment, either morally or sociologically. It describes emotions. Rome and the rehab center at the foot of the Dolomites are two worlds that are diametrically opposed, and also reflect the lead character's inner conflict. On one hand there's Nic, a talented, sensitive young man; on the other Lovely Boy, uninhibited and dismissive of others. Lovely Boy is a classic parable of ruin and rebirth that shows the difficulty of growing up, at any age, and the scars that remain when one has finally managed to become an adult.