The time of discretion

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The time of discretion

The time of discretion

original title:

The time of discretion

directed by:


Sajncho Namtčylak, Stefano Maurizi, Mirco Mariottini


Magis Produzioni, in association with Lisa Mara Batacchi





film run:





Ready (24/03/2021)

The project takes shape from the invitation to participate in the 4th edition of the Land Art Mongolia Biennal entitled “Catching the Axis. Between the Sky and the Earth”. To prepare the work, the artist begins a journey that first takes her to southern China, to the remote areas on the southeastern border of the Gobi desert and the province of Guizhou, and then to Mongolia, in search of rituals and ancient weaving practices that are gradually but inexorably fading away in our globalized world. The title refers to a time defined by slowness, intimacy and relationships. The origin of the project comes from the desire to recover ancient techniques of weaving, dyeing and decoration of materials linked to the textile traditions of unexplored places, developing at the same time a research on the cultural, philosophical-religious and historical-social elements linked to these techniques now in progress of disappearance.