Tuk ten

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Tuk ten

Tuk ten

original title:

Tuk ten


Paolo Fresu, Luca Devito, Vic Albani






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Ready (13/05/2021)

Perhaps it's almost natural, for a guy like Paolo, to create a personal label after so many years working with music. A crazy challenge that should definitely be checked far from commercial areas.
Tǔk Music is the continuation of an outlined artistic development, well divided in a part of pure artistic creativity and as a result of many years of teaching music.
The aim is a non-granted "look ahead": towards new personal adventures, but especially those of young musicians and their ideas, helping them in the realization of their projects, taking care of the production, or even just through small contributions such as the simple liner notes of an album.
Behind all of this, the basic idea of the project is to produce new talents and to access to an international network of artists and talent scouts with whom Paolo has worked for years, mingled by a deep and mutual respect.
What is essential in the new Tǔk path is a coherent musical vision that holds the goal of guaranteed creativity at the highest artistic level, all combined with our passion for visual, graphic design and photography well expressed with the work of the greatest illustrators and photographers as well as a great attention to the environment and recycling (the reason why Tǔk’s CDs are bigger than the normal size, with the use special paper without a plastic gram).
We’re looking for a direction to make a unique and valuable work, starting from music and moving in different areas.