Kristos, the last child

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Kristos, the last child (Kristos, l’ultimo bambino)

Kristos, the last child (Kristos, l’ultimo bambino)

original title:

Kristos, l’ultimo bambino

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Blink Blink Prod, Les Films De L’Oeil Sauvage, Bad Crowd, with the suppot of IDFA Forum, Creative Media Development Fund for Single Project, MiBACT


Italy / France / Greece

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Development/Pre-production (13/05/2021)

The island of Arki has 1000 goats and 30 people. No mayor, police or doctor. However there is a school. It has only one teacher and only one child, Kristos. This is the last year of primary school for Kristos and in order to finish compulsory education he should leave for another island. His family cannot afford this but his teacher Maria will do whatever she can to make it happen. Will Kristos stay on the island or will he continue his studies across the sea?