An endless sunday (first feature)

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An endless sunday (Una sterminata domenica)

An endless sunday (Una sterminata domenica)

Brenda is pregnant. Alex has just turned nineteen and is about to become a father. Kevin is filling the city with his name. Each of them is trying to make his or her own mark on the world. An unbroken chain of situations, paradoxes and characters succeed one another in a narrative construction that resembles an unconventional Bildungsroman. Always connected to each other, they buzz around between the countryside on the coast and the Eternal City, trying to resist in their own ways the inexorable advance of time and the heat. Alex, Brenda and Kevin’s individual experiences are not a random sequence of adventures but steps on the stairs of the process of orientation, growth and maturation. Sentimental adventures and the conquest of independence are the linchpin of the situations in which Kevin and Brenda become embroiled, acting by instinct but catalysing step by step the race toward Alex’s cry of “I EXIST.”

My generation is a question of language. Describing your reality in 2023 is a delicate and high-handed act that implies tackling the profound ambiguities, stereotypes and contradictions of the media-dominated society in which you’ve grown up. Even if you live in the countryside, 30 km from one of the oldest cities in the world, you are deluged with Hollywood movies, pop and Japanese anime and mass photography, as well as films by unknown directors, downloaded from remote servers and subtitled only approximatively. Alex, Brenda and Kevin are nothing more than the dream of a troubled teenager who has fallen asleep with his smartphone in his hand in front of the TV turned up full volume ;).