Between land and sky

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Between land and sky (Tra terra e cielo)

Between land and sky (Tra terra e cielo)

original title:

Tra terra e cielo

directed by:


Nicola Montesanto, Fedele Aula, Giovanni D'Uva, Alfonso Bovino



"à putéa" - produzioni artistiche e creative, YLE Finland, Word Video Production, S.A.D. Servizio Audiovisivi per la Didattica - Politecnico di Torino, Young TV.


Italy / Finland



film run:





Ready (07/02/2020)

"Driving attentive and thoughtful with my car on the streets leading to Maiori. I wanted to find something, someone to interview who would tell me about Rossellini's Cinema, who somehow had met him or rather that he had worked whit it or that remembered something about him. I then interviewed characters who spontaneously I met that about Rossellini "knew more than anyone else" and I fell in love with them and their way of doing so much that I decided to edit the film. I discovered Alfonsino's house, the adult child who shot the protagonist of the second episode Paisà's film." (Fedele Aula) The documentary film contains, also, Roberto Rossellini's Neapolitan Episode of Paisà (1946) and some images in the credits of Maestro Lizzani on inspection in Maiori for his documentary on Roberto Rossellini.