La Scuola non è secondaria

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La Scuola non è secondaria

La Scuola non è secondaria

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La Scuola non è secondaria


Barbara Lussana, Elena Depetroni, Stefania Moreni, Giuliana Duret, Rita Mantovani, Ileana Maria Paloschi, Battista Panseri, Mariateresa Fornoni, Guido Tacchini, Angelo Sangalli, Lita Gatti, Anna Maria Gritti, Mario Pizzi, Caterina Arrigoni, Franco Mancini , Maria Buscieti, Ilario Latassa, Angelo Paolo Vavassori, Sabina Romeo, Ombretta Bulla, Milena Soli, Michael Mandile, Tiziana Vecchi, Daria Tonzig, Nicola Buttarelli






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Ready (11/06/2021)

The director, teachers and assistants at Liceo Mascheroni in Bergamo have spent the summer of 2020 reorganising spaces and redefining access to make it possible for the new school year to run smoothly. At the end of October, with the new pandemic wave, like all the other upper secondary schools, the institute was forced to close and restart the so-called "Distance Learning": access to the school building was restricted to teachers only. The film documents that moment, the most extreme and dramatic of the school year, when the children are forced to go home and the teachers do their teaching in the deserted classrooms. What emerges is an unprecedented portrait of a tried and tested school community, suspended between anguish and hope, humour and melancholy, resignation and the desire to react. In order to continue to keep alive an idea of school and give meaning to the loneliness and torment of empty classrooms.