El tascabile y yo

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El tascabile y yo

El tascabile y yo

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El tascabile y yo

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Alessia Baldassari, Tiziana Barbiero, Luigia Calcaterra, Beppe Chierichetti, Antonietta Fusco, Alberto Gorla, Ruben Manenti, Simone Naldi, Alessandro Rigoletti, Clara Rigoletti, Caterina Scotti, Marta Suardi e con Maurizio Stefania, Lorenzo Bucci, Osvaldo Arioldi, Fabio Vignaroli, Alberto Valtellina





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In post-production (11/06/2021)

The Yoricks show by the Teatro tascabile di Bergamo. How to tell the "perplexity of the artists under the circus tent". Today's perplexity, which is yesterday's perplexity, only more complicated. Perplexity over regional, ministerial and bank calls for applications, perplexity over the financing of software, restoration and shows. Small targeted murders, the result of small targeted funding. The film begins with the preparation for the debut, at the end of March, and goes back in time to the preceding July, when the show, in its initial form of work in progress, was presented to an audience of friends. The show never appears in the film, which instead is composed through the narration of around forty days of rehearsals; the filming is falsely observational, perhaps more "spy-story". The development à rebours of the editing removes the expectation of a complete, predictable, weighty dramaturgy and focuses on the relationships and details of the artisanal making of group theatre.