A Moment of Magic

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A Moment of Magic

original title:

A Moment of Magic

directed by:


Becka Adams, Paige Annette



Santiago Calogero


Andrea Casadio, Gianluca Frisario


Sandrine Rudaz


David Blackbird


Mun Productions





film run:




aspect ratio:



Ready (01/01/2021)

festivals & awards:

  • Afrodite Shorts 2021
  • Ferrara Film Festival 2021
  • Setting Sun Film Festival 2021
  • Corti ETNACI Film Festival 2021: Miglior Cortometraggio
  • Ischia Global Film Festival 2021
  • Alexandria Film Festival 2021
  • Festival De Cortometrajes De Valdealgorfa 2021
  • Adriatic Film Festival 2021
  • Ferfilm 2021
  • i-Fest International Film Festival 2021: Special Jury Prize
  • Picentia Short Film Festival 2021: Drama&Social Prize
  • Richmond International Film Festival 2021
  • Hexagon Film Festival 2021
  • Gold Movie Awards 2021: Nomination for Cinematography
  • Urban Mediamakers Festival 2021: Best International Short Movie
  • Filmchilla 2021: Best Cinematography
  • Visioni Urbane. Beyond the Ideal City 2021
  • accordi @ DISACCORDI - International Short Film Festival 2021
  • Ce l'ho Corto Film Festival 2021
  • Blow-Up Arthouse Film Festival 2021
  • Pilas en corto 2021
  • South Italy International Film Festival 2022
  • Spello International Short Film 2022: Best International Short. Best Italian Short

There are nights that never happen. And there are dreams that never come true. A night in Los Angeles, the city of dreams: Claire and Jazmine are two single women in their thirties looking for their own place in the world.
The film follows the two protagonists through the course of one evening, and the result is a no-frills, universal snapshot of life in your thirties.
The young women alternate daily routine with nightly escape, looking for some new way to restore vitality to a life they perceive as barren and devoid of clear goals.
A generational parable about friendship, the future and aimlessness, in a city that shines, comes to life and lives all on its own, with an imperturbable and harsh beauty when viewed in the light of the events. Here, the sunset doesn’t have to mark an end, nor dawn a new beginning.