Daniel Pennac: ho visto Maradona!

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Daniel Pennac: ho visto Maradona!

Daniel Pennac: ho visto Maradona!

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Daniel Pennac: ho visto Maradona!

directed by:


Daniel Pennac, Ximo Solano, Clara Bauer, Pako Loffredo, Toni Agustì, Roberto Saviano, Maurizio De Giovanni


Ximo Solano, Daniel Pennac, Clara Bauer, Pako Ioffredo


Juanjo Company


Juan Carlos Fita Planells, Eleonora Marino


Nascuy Linares, Nascuy Linares


Societat Sardina Toné-Franché, Samarcanda Film, EFFE TV - Feltrinelli Real Cinema


Spain / Italy



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Ready (22/09/2022)

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CompagnieMIA - a Parisian theater company made up of artists from various countries - arrives in Naples. The company is in the city center, at the Teatro Nuovo, to begin rehearsals for the show “HO VISTO MARADONA!”
The best selling author and actor Daniel Pennac leads the group during rehearsals and collects ideas, stories, emotions and myths to build the story on stage and tell the “effect of Diego” on the lives of the people who loved him. The camera will follow them in their daily lives in the days of rehearsals, to return a personal and unique portrait that reveals an unprecedented face of the city of Naples and of the passion for the myth of Maradona.
Pennac wanders around the city in search of those who will help him discover and understand more about the myth of Maradona and, above all, about his relationship with the city.
In his wanderings, day and night, Pennac will discover the city and will meet those who met the Argentine champion very closely but also those who, still a child, grew up only with his myth painted on the walls and adored by the TV screens. Meetings with people who are very different from each other, in terms of age, profession, lifestyle, but all united by a single, very strong element: life literally turned upside down by the encounter with Diego Armando Maradona, including two exceptional witnesses of this Maradona Effect: the Neapolitan best-selling writers Roberto Saviano and Maurizio De Giovanni.
A creative and personal journey into the myth of Maradona with a unique and original protagonist in a place, Naples, which unites the writer with the myth itself.