Vale, the last match

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Vale, the last match (Vale, l'ultimo incontro)

Vale, the last match (Vale, l'ultimo incontro)

original title:

Vale, l'ultimo incontro








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Ready (01/07/2022)

festivals & awards:

  • Visioni Corte Film Festival 2022: Menzione speciale per i Corti Doc

Valeria is on the verge of the last match of her career as a professional boxer. Since she was a child she has always been very pugnacious, up to when she had to fight for the right to assisted suicide for her life long partner Fabiano, who became blind and quadriplegic after a car accident. Now, as she fights on the ring, her words tell us the unpredictable shock of two lives, the sacrifice during years of therapy and the downslope to the end. As the match unfolds and movements get heavier, we discover the anger that still pervades her because of the other life she lost: her father’s suicide, almost simultaneous yet opposed to that of Fabiano. While Valeria gets exhausted and flings her last punches, she is infact fighting two opposite fights: settling her life long conflict with her contradictory father while taking care of the last moments with her lover. As time freezes she desperately tries to reach for some inner resource to cope with all of this, while she realizes that her last fight has always been against Death.