Viaggio nel crepuscolo

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Viaggio nel crepuscolo

Viaggio nel crepuscolo

original title:

Viaggio nel crepuscolo

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Marco Bellocchio, Paola Pitagora, Roberto Herlitzka, Roberto Perpignani, Paolo Mereghetti, Emanuele Severino, Massimo Salvadori, Adriano Prosperi, Gad Lerner, Michele Serra, Gherardo Colombo, Guido Salvini, Giuliano Turone, Valentina Stoppani, Alice Gera, Silvia Costa, Michela Lucenti, Maurizio Camilli






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colour & b/w


Ready (26/07/2021)

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Journey into the twilight walks the roads that lead into the cold darkness of the Italian decline: of the family, of patriarchal society, of educational institutions, of religion. It is a land where the common, public, shared space with the interiors of a colorless, amorphous egoism, where even revolutionary, socialist, communist ideals, mixed with Manichaean Catholicism, have turned into fideistic and totalitarian dogmas. Right from the opening theme, the animation created expresses this mixture of ghostly, austere and decadent, elegant and dilapidated places.
Constantly mixing fiction and documentary, the film has a structure capable of radically deconstructing narrative forms.
Bellocchio's films from which the director started become poetic lines which, arranged in a particular narrative order, create new meaning; the same goes for archives, where their use is no longer functional to narration but to poetry.
Journey into the Dusk is based on a “quantum” montage. The director uses multiple stylistic features and film genres as if they were parallel universes that reflect, split, multiply one into the other, determining the form, rhythm and content of the filmic space-time. The ultimate goal is to come to talk about the main Italian and international issues through unusual perspectives, starting from Bellocchio and continuing, as if traveling on a thin border line, towards a universe that wants to give new voice to workers and peasants by crystallizing some epochal turning points. The final scene of the film, with a horse vanishing into the icy road of a non-place that can be anywhere and nowhere, in a different, utopian universe, is the emblem of the film itself.