Ezio Bosso. The Things That Remain

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Ezio Bosso. Le cose che restano

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Ready (26/07/2021)

Ezio Bosso. Le cose che restano tells a great human story. Ezio Bosso’s career, which was as out-of-the-ordinary as can be imagined, from both the personal and the professional perspective, was always characterised by love of his art, for him both a discipline and a raison d’être. In the film the account is entrusted to Bosso himself, who reveals his real self and takes us into his world and his imagination, as if were a diary. The narration is multilayered, with a continual exchange between image and sound. His words alternate with his second voice, music. The testimonies of friends, family and collaborators like Gabriele Salvatores, Silvio Orlando and Paolo Fresu help to paint an accurate and detailed picture of the man. The previously unreleased piece The Things That Remain is a last message from Bosso for everyone, because as he himself declared: “everyone will tell their own story and I can only hint at mine.” Bearer of a powerful motivational message in his life and in his music, Ezio Bosso has been and will always be a source of inspiration for whoever comes into contact with him and his work, “a presence, not a memory” as the director of the film, Giorgio Verdelli, has put it.

The decision to recount the incredible professional career of such an original and passionate artist was motivated by the desire to find in the words of the people interviewed a presence, not a memory. The film is constructed around aural suggestions and a continual duet of voice and music between the thoughts and compositions of Bosso, capable of passing from the Carmina Burana to rap. The film also focuses with delicacy on the intense moments in his life, through Bosso’s self-deprecating vision of his exhausting struggle with his illness and with the instruments that he set out to master, thanks to his extraordinary technique. As authentic a portrait of the artist as possible, just as Ezio Bosso was authentic and unique.