Tullio Kezich, a proposito di me

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Tullio Kezich, a proposito di me

Tullio Kezich, a proposito di me

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Tullio Kezich, a proposito di me

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Ready (29/07/2021)

With the use of the Istituto Luce's archive footage and through excerpts of autobiographical writings and interviews, this film retraces Tullio Kezich life and career, giving voice to his great cultural and artistic personality and enabling us to rediscover the multivarious amount of projects he was able to achieve as a film critic, screenplayer, producer, writer and playwright.

Director's note

I was lucky enough to meet Tullio Kezich thanks to Silvia d’Amico, a longtime friend and producer with whom I have been collaborating for years. After the disappearance of Tullio, with Silvia and Roberto Meddi, we thought it was right to remember his multifaceted activity as a film critic, producer, playwright and writer. We talked about it with Alessandra Levantesi Kezich, who was immediately enthusiastic about the project and shared with us her private photographic archive which, together with the repertoire of the Istituto Luce's Historical Archive , allowed us to set and retrace Tullio's life from his birth in Trieste. The choice was not to resort to the usual testimonies of friends and collaborators and to leave Tullio talk about himself, with the lightness that distinguished him, through interviews repertoire and Massimo De Francovich's off-screen voice, who reads autobiographical texts in which Kezich talks about himself and his work.