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Ready (28/07/2021)

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Naples, in the housing projects called 銑e Vele' in Scampia. A little girl is reading on a balcony, locked out of her own house. A little boy watches her. The two meet at a party for Carnival, by an amusement park. Kids of all ages are letting loose under the tower blocks. Totoriello, alias the Incredible Hulk, and Speranzella, alias Cinderella: two ten-year-olds on a bench in the projects on the edge of Naples. "Why do you always read on your balcony?" he asks her. The answer is a siren song but the siren is on the cross. The answer is a knife that chops eels in two, or the heaves of the child of a life sentence: a little lost child at the station of trains lost; a Cinderella with no fairy godmother, no magic spells. Speranzella cheated out of happiness, a hooker's daughter who still manages to float like a butterfly.

I was born and raised in the Vele, in Scampia, and I used its white towers as the setting for a true story: the story of a little girl whose childhood is behind her. I wanted to look at crime from the inside and take the camera to the outskirts of the soul, that of a family fallen on hard times, utterly broken by absences. The actors in this film attended my acting school, La Scugnizzeria. I saw them grow up there, physically, and grow as actors. After the Silver Ribbon I won for my previous film, Sufficiente, this new film is a punch in the face, an open wound, poetry in the raw.