Il sogno di Jacob

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Il sogno di Jacob

original title:

Il sogno di Jacob


Francesco Paglino, Enzo De Liguoro, Pino Torcasio, Gioacchino Criaco, Francesca Marchese


Vittorio Sala

production:, Vpr produzioni&management, Le Sei Sorelle





film run:





Ready (13/10/2020)

festivals & awards:

  • Magna Graecia Film Festival 2021

“The Jacob’s dream” tells of a troupe came to Aspromonte (in the South oh Italy) to realized a tv show about an original Museum called Musaba (Museo Santa Barbara), and about the life of Nik Spatari one of the greatest italian contemporany artist. The director, Salvo (performed by the actor Francesco Paglino) after meeting Nik and his wife Hiske, will discover an unexpected world where time and art mixing, creating an harmony of colors and shapes never seen before. During the shooting, Salvo will let himself be enchanted by three-dimensional mosaics realized by Nik, inventor of "prismatism", which tell the story of humanity. The Musaba itself, will appear to Salvo, like a body pulsing with life, made of observing eyes and of a light that Nik only found in Michelangelo. The path will lead Salvo, finally, in the presence of "Jacob's dream", also called "the Calabrian Sistine Chapel", in which stands out, in three dimensions, the story of Jacob with whom the artist identifies himself and who will reunite Spatari to its childish side.