Olimpia's Way (first feature)

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Olimpia's Way (Acqua e anice)

Olimpia's Way (Acqua e anice)

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Acqua e anice

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An elderly pop singer, suffering from dementia, sets out on a journey to the people who loved her and to the places that made her a star. She hires a girl with little life experience as a driver and escort. The two women will learn to love each other, until the girl understands that the singer is asking her to be much more than a driver. Because she hasn't told anyone that that trip, for her, will be her last.

A final journey that doubles as an initiation, a paean to life and the freedom of choice, Acqua e anice minges irony and poignancy as it captures the most profound, and most amusing, sides of this two-women road trip. It tries to strike a balance between the irreverent tones of comedy and the melancholy inherent in drama. The camera never leaves Olimpia. We laugh and cry right along with her; we experience her hallucinations, we mix up past and present just as she does. This film is my tribute to a woman who had the guts to make a radical decision, saying her farewells in her own unmistakable style.