Nothing wrong

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Nothing wrong (Nulla di sbagliato)

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Nulla di sbagliato





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A remote laboratory has been assembled in some sixth-grade classes in 6 Italian cities during year two of the pandemic. 300 students were provided with diaries, through which they could discuss the meaning of the passage of time and jot down their thoughts, memories, expectations and dreams. Some of them were also given a small video camera, in order to continue talking about themselves in their homes, and, more specifically, in their bedrooms, a space off-limits for adults, who were relegated to an increasingly distant off-screen presence.
The confessions and torments of a boy shunned by his classmates, of a girl who does not want to grow up and of another girl who finally learns first-hand the value of friendship, become the stations of a journey made of the reflections of classmates and the little big adventures of daily life marked by distance and separation. A choral story through past, present and future of a generation suspended between the world of childhood left behind too hastily and an increasingly uncertain adulthood.